WE ASKED. Part 1.

Wilmax England


At the Ambiente exhibition held in Germany this January, our marketing team conducted a delightful survey. We asked people from different countries at our booth: 'Which Wilmax product do you like the most and why?'

Here are the first three answers:

— Mariana, our friendly colleague from Brazil, chose the large porcelain salad bowl with a bamboo stand and steel serving tongs – it's just a perfect combo!

— Irina, who lives in Poland, favors the heat-resistant glass teapot for brewing her favorite tea.

— Sultan, a young student from Kazakhstan, voted for practicality, selecting the versatile double-walled glass. It can handle both hot and cold drinks, fitting his lifestyle.

More insights into the Wilmax products that caught people's attention in the survey will be revealed in the next updates – stay tuned!