Stunning Porcelain with Natural Energy

Wilmax England
Products on video: Monolith


There is no better source of inspiration than the nature around us. A variety of textures, charming colours, natural forms – natural resources amaze with their beauty. The love of nature inspired the designers of Wilmax to create the most picturesque collection. It consists of white, sand and black dishes, which have the texture of natural stone. The style of this collection symbolizes the infinity of the universe, calmness and inviolability.

Monolith is a "whole world" on the table! With such dishes, you can easily create a "forest" table setting, transport yourself to the sea or to the desert. Everyone will be able to create culinary masterpieces in their own kitchen and improve the aesthetics of serving, focusing on the latest trends set by chefs. Such spectacular tableware from Wilmax contributes to this in every possible way.