Discover the wonderful world of wine with glasses and decanters by WILMAX. 18+

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Discover the wonderful world of wine with glasses and decanters by WILMAX.

“Who knows how to taste wine never drinks wine again but tastes secrets instead.” – Salvador Dali. We're here, to allow you to make this your own reality.

Ever pondered what it means to truly enjoy wine? Let's pull out a high-stem volume glass, fill it 2/3, rotate it a few times in your hand, embrace the aroma, observe the colour and lightness. Can you imagine it? Great! You're an aesthete – and wine to you is more than just something for relaxation. Seems we're on track now!

The variety of wine-making regions, or, terroirs, as they are called by sommeliers, is so great that a lifetime is not enough to experience all the different sorts and flavours for oneself.

Each wine has its own theme. The appreciation of its smooth mix of flavors and complex aroma is something that can be done with the help of the perfect glass. A glass from WILMAX.?

And what kind of wine do you like? Light white or aged red, young rose or tannic orange? Maybe sparkling? For every grape sort and type of wine in the assortment of WILMAX there is an ideal glass - find yours! With the right shape and volume, the glass enhances the flavor nuance of the wine, helps us taste its complex texture, and conveys a unique aromatic bouquet.

The nature of mature wine is difficult to understand without decanting. Do you know what makes a decanter valuable? Firstly, it allows your vintage wines to stand giving time for sediment to descend, filling your glass with crystal clear drink. Secondly, it allows younger wines to splash, breathe and open up before serving. And last but not least, the beautiful presentation of wine in a decanter will always emphasize your professionalism and will impress those eager to join you for a drink!

Do you want more material from us on the topic of wine and its proper tasting? We're on it. In the meantime, let's enjoy a beautiful new wine video from WILMAX! With a brief overview of the available wine tableware in the frame and a dozen of wine splashes shown.

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