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Value of Porcelain

Value of porcelain

The history of porcelain dates back centuries. Many times in the past years, style and taste have changed, but porcelain never goes out of fashion.

Despite its seeming fragility, porcelain can be called one of the timeless values, which bring beauty and elegance into our life.

Thin, delicate porcelain is a precious decoration for any table, a special highlight of any interior design.


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Wilmax Porcelain

Wilmax Porcelain

Wilmax Company offers a wide range of high quality white porcelain tableware at an absolutely reasonable price.



Our products will meet the requirements of an exacting restaurateur, and will be of interest to customers for home use.

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Wilmax Collection

Wilmax Collection

Numerous Wilmax range includes all the items necessary for a table setting.

The variety of shapes and styles will fit any taste and any interior.

Which do you like best: classic round plates or stylish square ones, unique tea pots or familiar coffee pots, or maybe an eye-catching lid for the main course? The choice is yours.


Wilmax tableware is multifunctional: one product can serve several purposes. For example, an open sugar bowl can be used as a dessert bowl, and a bread vase can serve as a fruit dish.

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Wilmax Quality


Wilmax porcelain is thin and delicate, light easily passes through it.

It is resonant, items produce a high pure sound when lightly tapped or struck, a characteristic feature of high-quality porcelain. Ceram test No. HC268920, 06.12.2010.

Unique formula including magnesium and aluminium compounds makes the items exceptionally white (both outer and inner surface), solid and chip-resistant.

Specific glaze composition ensures the smoothness and gloss of the surface.


Quality Control

All items undergo mandatory quality check at every stage of production.
We guarantee stable quality, items are produced under strict control using unique original technology.


Health Safe

All Wilmax items are made from ecologically pure raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Tableware is absolutely safe for health, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. SGS test No. 2111841/SD, 15.06.2010.

Water Absorption

Wilmax tableware has low water absorption of less than 0.1%. Ceram test No. HC268921, 08.12.2010.


Wilmax tableware is ovenproof to 300°С. SGS test No. 2121369/SD, 29.11.2010.

Microwave oven, Dishwasher

Wilmax tableware is durable, meant for constant heavy use, suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.
SGS test No. 2119287/SD, 04.10.2010;
SGS test No. 2120152/SD, 12.10.2010.

Impact Resistance

Wilmax porcelain has a high impact resistance in compliance with UK and EU standards. SGS test No. 2119299/SD, 30.09.2010.

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Wilmax Advantages


Wilmax items are easily stackable for space saving storage and convenient carrying of large stacks of tableware.

Furthermore, tableware is light, as compared with ceramics, which makes the work of the waiter much easier.


Most of our tea pots have a new lid securing design, the cover is well set and doesn’t drop when the tea is poured, which makes the whole process convenient and safe.

Spout strainer holds back tea leaves
when pouring the tea.

You can bring the dishes straight from the oven to the table, their neutral design will be in harmony with the table setting.

Thicker walls and bottom

Baking dishes have thick walls and bottom, so the items retain heat perfectly.

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Wilmax Professional


Wilmax PRO rim plates are elegant and create a space for a captivating food presentation, as attention is attracted to the centre of the plate. They are convenient in use and are easy to handle.

Glazed Bottom Surface

Wilmax PRO plates have an entirely glazed bottom surface, which makes the tableware absolutely smooth and significantly increases its hygienic qualities.

Rolled Rim

Rolled rim ensures additional durability and chip-resistance of Wilmax tableware.

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Unique Wilmax Design

Unique Wilmax Design

Despite the numerous assortment of goods available, Wilmax designers continue to create new unique forms.



Also, we can develop and produce new custom-made items based on customer’s original design.

Transparency and durability of Wilmax England porcelain will surprise you, its elegant shapes will delight you, variety of styles will please you and our favourable prices will attract your attention.

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